About Us
Company History

ESS TECHNOSYS was started by a team of young engineers in 2004 as a partnership Company working in the field of IT enabled services with focus on engineering based software solutions. The main focus of business was GIS, Remote sensing, Digital photogrammetry, GPS solutions/integration and CAD/CAM applications with clients as both private and government companies. The firm has been incorporated as a private limited company in the year 2009.

In the year 2005 have diversified in to the field of techno sales and service of test and measurement solutions, RF and microwave Products and Industrial automation, catering to the country’s elite Defence labs , other government and private industries.

Activity and product line

  • Techno sales and service of systems
    • RF And Microwave systems from 1-180 GHz
    • High precision metrology systems
      • Vibration simulators and measurement systems
      • Position systems
      • Multi axis high precision motion simulators
      • Electronic component package sealing systems
      • Environmental Stress and screening systems
      • Test setup and measuring equipments in RF & Microwave
      • Battery testing and monitoring systems
    • Process equipments in Micro electronics
      • Etching systems, wet benches
      • Reflow soldering systems
  • Design, Develop and produce Industrial Automation Products
    • Asset monitoring and management solutions
    • Process flow monitoring systems
  • System Integration
    • Integrated multi parameter testing platforms performing multi axis simulation in environmental stress conditions
    • High altitude test systems
  • Wireless data acquisition systems
  • Test and Measuring equipments
    • Recorders, Oscilloscope
    • Frequency response analysers
  • RF and microwave components and equipments1-180GHz
  • Climatic chambers and Ovens
  • Vibration measurement and testing Polytec
  • Precision position tables and simulators
  • Wire Bonders, Die Bonders & Pull Testers
  • Flip Chip Bonders, Die Bonders, Scribers
  • Plasma Cleaning Systems, Photoresist Strippers & Plasma Etching Systems
  • Multipurpose Bench top Furnaces, Solder Reflow Ovens, LPCVD & Diffusion Furnaces
  • Gross Leak & Fine Leak Testers
  • Software Development & Services


Vision statement Design, develop and produce products for High precision applications with emphasis on optimisation of precision, quality and price

Mission statement Understand – Design - Integrate -Solve

Values Integrity and commitment for customer satisfaction

Business goals & objectives

  • Technology absorption and technology realization with emphasis on “MAKE IN INDIA”
  • Research and Development for innovation and continuous improvement of products
  • Adding technology partners for technology acquisition and product development
  • Market leader for delivery of precision systems

Business strategy

  • Open for collaboration
  • Value addition and indigenization of products
  • Value addition to partners for their market and produce products and export to the collaborator